Helping Optimists Help Kids
Seeking, receiving and managing funds and real personal property for the benefit of Optimist International and its Member Clubs in its charitable, literary and educational activities.

Hello Fellow Optimists!

As the new year approaches, there are some great things that are happening with your OI Foundation.

Did you know that there are grants that you can apply for that will give you $1,000.00 for Club matching grants to support your projects?  Also, Child Health and Wellness Grants are available in the following categories:  Mental Health, Disabilities, Healthy Lifestyles, Chronic Diseases.  If there has been a disaster in your area, there is a Disaster relief grant that is perfect for your community. Deadlines will be posted shortly in January, so check the OIF website for the timelines, deadlines, and details.

Our little District is as strong as ever in the work we do for our communities and in supporting our foundation. Currently as of 11-30-20, we have donated $12.29 per member and are in first position. Great work everyone and congratulations! New totals will be posted in the next week, so we will keep up our great work to keep going strong.

The Miss-Optimist Challenge between clubs is continuing! We have a total of 31 dime a day members. Keep challenging your club members to participate so we can reach the goal and see your Governor return as Miss Senior Optimist in October.

Jan Oord Graves Foundation President shared some statistics about giving during these challenging times.  She found that only 8% of individual members and 32% of clubs contributed monies to the foundation. An increase in this area would significantly help the deficit in giving during the last year that was realized across all charitable organizations.  Donating to OIF helps sponsor scholarships for kids competing in program contests like essay, oratorical, Jr. golf, and so on. It‘s important to give!

This got me thinking.  I have heard many stories from my family and friends about acts of kindness from strangers buying them coffee or lunch when they are in line to pay their bill. What a wonderful way to lift one another and our communities.  How about applying this “Pay it forward” spirit to the organization we all love and support?  Encourage every member in your club to treat the foundation to the equivalent of a cup of coffee or a lunch on them by visiting the OIF website and donate. It is so easy. A few clicks and you can donate by a credit card. If preferred, a check can be mailed in as well. What a difference it will make as we are all in it together work towards the same goal-helping the world be a better place by helping the kids in our communities!

For our next Quarterly Conference Feb 13-14, we will be holding a silent auction. We are asking for items to be donated to this event and encourage everyone to participate in the fun!  We already have a few handmade Wind Chimes donated that will be perfect for spring.  Do you craft?  How about making something for the event to donate?  Please email me if you have a donation and we will make a plan to get it in the event. Thank you in advance!

Club Foundation Representatives: Please take 15 minutes to complete the learning module on the Optimist website. If you would like to chat about your role, have questions about programs, or would like a visit at your club, please feel free to contact me.  Marsi Salmi 480-299-9122  

Happy New Year, and may this new year bring health and prosperity for all!

From the Arizona District Foundation Representative, Marsi Salmi